Cards for the Week: 08 – 14 July 2019

Partnerships & Alliances: Spirit 3: You are starting to see the results of your actions and reaping the rewards. This is a time to look out for synchronicity and potential partnerships. Be open to unexpected connections and relationships. These partnerships and Alliances could assist with future projects. Remember always that there has to be an even flow of energy though – both parties need to give and receive equally so make sure you are not sacrificing yourself for the partnership.

Sacral Chakra – Chakras 2: The Sacral Chakra relates to emotions, desire, creativity and sexuality. Pay attention to these areas of your life and clear any blockages you may have here. Healing, forgiveness, dancing, creative activities, self love and nurturing yourself can help here.

The Waiting Game: Spirit 2: Be patient – the results of your work are coming – be aware that everything happens at the best possible time for it to happen, even though it may not seem like it. Use your intuition and let it guide yu to make decisions – and make them. Indecision will trip yu up so be aware that there is not such thing as a bad decision, merely a decision that creates unexpected results. The more you work with and improve your intuition, the more you will make better decisions, but make the decisions don’t pussy-foot around and overthink things.

In Summary: Take a breath and stay grounded and centered both in your success and stressful times. Be patient and surrender the outcome. Make decisions and focus on the process, but don’t get stuck in it. Explore your sexuality and creativity. Become aware of blocks in these areas and clear/heal them.

Mercury Retrograde: 07 – 31 July 2019: Remember we are in a Mercury Retrograde (it appears from earth as if Mercury is moving backwards). Mercury impacts on communication, intelligence, and timing – electronics etc can also be affected.  This retrograde goes from Leo to Cancer to Leo so expect high emotions and declarations of love and passion, but fiery arguments as well – this is not a bad thing but don’t take things to personally – emotions will be high during this retrograde. It is important to try and stay centered and grounded during this time and not berate yourself if your emotions get out of hand. Morning meditation and journaling – planning is important plans may go awry though so anticipate that.

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