Cards for the Week: 24 – 30 June 2019

Spirit 1: Passion Ignited: It is time for your spirit to soar. A time of new beginnings, ideas and revelations. Creativity is highlighted as well as a stronger connection to spirit – trust your intuition and go with it – embrace your passion and through your actions inspire others to do the same.

Emotions 4: Discontent & Boredom: You may be feeling drained and tired, restless and discontented. Things don’t seem to be moving according to your schedule. Don’t bang too hard on the doors that are closing – sometimes they have to close for you to move forward. By focusing too hard on your losses, you may miss new opportunities. Watch for synchronicity and events – they may hold a message for you. Find again your trust in the divine and divine processes. Trust again in the process of life and stop holding onto things that no longer serve you.

Spirit 2: The Waiting Game: You have been working hard and often without seeing the results or rewards of your actions. You may be faced with decisions – make them, don’t get stuck in indecision. The feeling of being trapped is simply because you cannot choose. You are afraid of making the “wrong” decision – you cannot make a “wrong” decision. Every choice has experiences attached to it. Start expecting better and expecting to be successful. Make decisions and be patient; let divine timing work for you and allow things to flow. Success is assured be patient.

In Summary: Not really much to say to the above that hasn’t been said really. Beware of holding onto the past and things that no longer serve you – don’t hold onto stuff and people – let them go. It is only in letting go of the baggage that we can embrace our passions. Take some time in Sacred Silence. Breathe and feel your heart. Allow your intuition to guide you and you are assured of success, regardless of the seeming reality, breathe and move forward!!

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