Healing Modalities

Fyrelite Essence offers a range of readings, consultations, coaching processes, and healing modalities to suit your requirements.
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Dis-eases manifest in the physical body as a result on spiritual and emotional trauma.  We use various forms of healing modalities to hold the space for healing so clients are able to find the healing within themselves.

Although these healing modalities can be performed over distance we prefer face to face consultations be booked.

Fyrelite Essence is not now, nor will we ever be affiliated to any associations or control structures that aim to control spiritual work in any way what-so-ever!

Spirit is not controlled by ego and nor are we!

All treatments listed below are R550.00 R450.00:
Personalised Meditations are R250 per session

This ancient energy healing modality can be used for various dis-eases and relief of many physical complaints. It focuses on the physical body and auric field to bring about profound healing and peace within the energy system of the individual. For general well-being we suggest a monthly consultation. Available as a face-to-face consultation only.

Pellowah Healing Technique © is a direct from Source healing modality channeled by Australian Spiritual Teacher Kachina Ma’an. The name Pellowah is angelic for ‘ Radical Shift in Consciousness. Although this is an Angelic word, it is not healing from the Angelic Kingdom it is connecting to the highest level of energy you are able to connect to. Pellowah connects all 12 strands of DNA and prepares them for activation. It unblocks and realigns all the meridians within the body, giving a feeling of well-being and connection which allows for a Radical Shift in Consciousness. One can experience a new expanded perception and a more objective understanding and outlook on life. Importantly, through this we are able to make choices which take us to greater heights and levels in our life. Please note: the Pellowah energy takes some time to work through the body.  Please do not have, plan or do any of the following for a full 24 hours after your treatment as it will interfere with the process:
  • receive any kind of energy or spiritual healing, counselling, guided meditation
  • take any medication (unless life -threatening)
  • take any mind-altering substances including alcohol or excessive nicotine and any other legal or illegal drugs.
The practitioner is there purely as a sounding board and may not in anyway diagnose or interpret your experience. The Pellowah treatment is all about you and your source connection. The full Pellowah process could take more than one treatment but this is entirely up to you in terms of when, where etc.

Meditation is an ideal way to access your inner voice and connect to higher levels of awareness. We can help you with this process by providing custom meditations focused on your needs and abilities.

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