Talks Available

We offer a variety of “off the shelf” talks for your events, corporate wellness days etc. If your requirements are not met by the below feel free to contact us for a custom presentation.

I am SO Offended!!
What being offended says about you. Our society is so busy focusing outside of ourselves and allowing others to impact on our state of mind that we forget that the world reflects back to us what we most need to deal with in our own lives. Time to stop being offended and start healing yourself. Join Kevin McKee his revealing perspective on the world and how you can find your peace with-in it.
The Power of Surrender
Doesn’t life sometimes seem like an eternal struggle and total chaos? Discover the difference between Surrendering with inspired action and giving up.
Oh F*%k I am Stuck: Manifestation
We all have an understanding of what we think the Law of Attraction is – we have been told that is always works, so why then does it not always seem to work for us? Join Kevin McKee in this entertaining and enlightening discussion to help uncover the Secrets behind The Secret, why the Law of Attraction isn’t working for you. Bring your failures and turn them into successes.
Sacred Sexuality

In our modern society we have thousands of taboos against sex and sexual expression – especially for women and “minority” sexual activity groups. This causes division and dissent and no small amount of suicides and unnecessary trauma for people to deal with. Join Kevin as he unpacks the truth behind sex and sexuality, and sheds light on the taboos with our society regarding sex. The Sacred Masculine and Sacred Feminine are two powerful creative energies that can be harnessed to heal your life and relationships – join us to find out how.

Embracing the Darkness Within
We are all beings with a dual nature; both light and dark, both good and evil, both Spirit and Ego. Fighting part of who you are is a futile process and leads to all manner of psychosis and self-hatred. Join Kevin McKee for this enlightening look at the nature of the human being and the universe it surrounds itself in. Discover the reason for the creation and learn some tips on maintaining balance in your own psyche and the world around you.
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