Accreditation Ass-meditation

I have noticed lately a lot of posts and about accreditation and instilling fear through the lack of it – lets blow this puppy open. 

Accreditation and certification says nothing more about the person than that they can regurgitate stuff that has been drilled into them.  Divine energy is about flow and growth and change, accreditation places the belief of your self-worth and abilities in a piece of paper, somebody else’s assessment of you, and their opinion of your worth and has nothing to do with your abilities as a healer, a psychic, a teacher or a human being.

Accreditation is an ego-construct, created by flawed and ego-driven individuals that believe the Divine is incapable of handling itself. They will tell you they are protecting you from “immoral” and “incorrect” use of the divine energy – if the energy they are working with is divine why does it need human intervention to protect it – if the energy can be used in what they class as “immoral” or “incorrect” then doesn’t that say more about their lack of enlightenment and awareness that all is already in Divine Order?

Again this is the age-old question of “If God created everything in perfection, why did he create the Devil?” and “If God is all powerful Father figure – why would he create the possibility of us being separate from him?” – would you as a human parent create a situation where your children would be burnt in eternal damnation for not following your arbitrary rules as opposed to following their own truth? No you wouldn’t so why would God do it?  To test us? – For what reason? To assess our belief in him? Why? So we can join him in everlasting heaven? What would be the point of that – we come from there?

What many very influential people in the spiritual world DO NOT get is the following: Light is not equal to love and joy and happiness blah blah, and darkness is not equal to evil and shame and fear. Light and en-lightenment is simply bringing ALL aspects of your being, those you judge as good and those you judge as bad, into your awareness with acceptance, truth and love. Darkness is simply the lack of awareness of your flaws and faults, the living in ego that separates us from Spirit.

Lighting a match in a darkened room doesn’t chase away the darkness it illuminates what has been hidden. Darkness is not the opposite of light, it is the absence of it.  Fear is not the opposite of Love, it is the absence of it.

Duality and polarity exist in perfect balance until the Ego gets involved and starts judging others for the rightness and wrongness of their beliefs and practices. Living a spiritual life is simple: Spirit brings together in harmony, Ego separates with fear. To quote Conversations With God by Neale Donald Walsch; “Fear wraps our bodies in clothing, love allows us to stand naked”. It really is as simple as that!

Do not allow others, no matter which guru they spent thousands to study with, no matter how many books they have written, no matter how many followers they have or how many pieces of paper they have on their walls. They have no concept of their own truth only the truth they have been indoctrinated into by others who have been indoctrinated by their masters. They are validating their own existence. There is a saying; “Don’t hold onto a mistake just because you took so long (or spent so much) making it”

Find and follow others only in as far as they guide you to your own truth, your own love and your own power, whatever that may be.

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