Cards for the Week: 27 May – 02 June 2019

Mental 4: Rest & Rejuvenate: This card indicates that a period of rest and re-evaluation may be prudent – taking time to rest and reflect allows you to look at a situation instead of being in the situation. A lot of hard work has been done but it is important to pay attention to your soul. Maybe an intensely emotional or stressful period has just passed – take time to find and connect with your soul again which will give you the ability to “step out” of the situation and make better decisions going forward. Find appreciation and gratitude in every situation and the world around you will start being a better place.

Major 8: Power: This card represents Power in all its forms, emotional, spiritual, physical. You may feel that you are unable to continue onward, life is just too much – The Power Card reminds us that we are never presented with anything we can’t handle. Find the blessings, gifts and benefits in “bad” situations and move forward with a new-found strength and purpose – YOU CAN DO THIS!

Major 17: Hope: In Pandora’s box they only thing left in it was Hope. No matter how dark the world around you looks right now – keep going. The Hope card comes along when we are busy with our process of enlightenment and moving towards Love. It reminds you that with spirit anything is possible. There is a light at the end of the tunnel even if you can’t see it.

In Summary: Your period of stress and tension is a tool in your path to your truth and your soul. You have the strength to handle it and the all the tools to work through it – find the joy and love, be grateful for what you have achieved and keep hope burning in your heart. Your focus is on the pain and stress around you right now – take a step back and access your spirit, meditate, do a Gratitude Journal, do a Journal, get creative, write draw, paint. Take a moment each day this week to connect to your soul and you will find the way through this.

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