Cards for the Week: 20 – 26 May 2019

Mental 2: Mental Conflict: Self-doubt and overthinking are a problem right now. You are spending too much time weighing up the pro’s and con’s and literally “mind-fucking” yourself. You ares stuck in the mire of your own thoughts and doubts. You are unable to take action because of this and are feeling trapped. You need to take a step back, center, ground and pay attention to your intuition. You have become too focused on the mundane world and its fears. Step out of it and make a decision and the conflict and fear will resolve itself.

Chakras 2: The Third Eye Chakra: Interesting this follows the mental conflict card. The Third-eye Chakra is the chakra that focuses on your psychic awareness and “clear-seeing”. The appearance of this card reminds us that all is not how it appears and by accessing and balancing this chakra we will be able to see the way clearer. You can ue the “ohm” chant to help balance this chakra, take some meditative walks in nature, breathing deeply, meditation, yoga and other breath work helps too.

Spirit 6: Victory & Success: Following on from the previous cards, this one is self explanatory really. By removing yourself from the stress of mental conflict and focusing on your clear-seeing – victory and success is assured. Don’t panic that you are not doing things “right”; just do it to the best of your ability – yes this is a difficult and stressful time, but trusting in God, The Universe, Great Spirit, Your Higher Awareness – whatever, you will come through this. This period in your life is an important growth point and will provide processes and experiences you will use going forward. Don’t see it as a punishment or your lack of worth etc. It is a time for you to truly shine in all your glory!!

In Summary: Acknowledge where you are and accept that you have brought yourself here – don’t beat yourself up but take a step back and look forward with your heart and intuition – even if everything around is pointing to failure, don’t let it distract you from your truth and joy. Stop “mind-fucking” yourself and doubting your own guidance. Focus on your connection to Spirit and your own Higher Self and you will come out the other side shining and successful. This is an awesome time of growth for you – embrace it and shine!!

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