Living from the Heart

Before we get onto what Living in your heart means, let us revisit some concepts

Spirit and Ego

Spirit: Focusses on Love and Oneness and is connected to the heart – free and open, flow

Ego: Focusses on Fear and Separation and is connected to the head – restrictive, closed, stagnant.

As this is a world of contrast, we experience what we are by first experiencing what we are not.

So, firstly, what does “Living in your Head” mean? – (Un-enlightened State)

When we are living in our heads we are inundated with chatter and stuff, our stress levels are high, we project our fears and judgements onto others, we criticise and judge others behaviour, our views are skewed by our own issues and Ego imbalances. Our Shadow acts up and we fail and hurt others.

When you are “Living in your Head”, you are focussed on the past or the future. How things have always been and therefor how they will always be. Other symptoms of living in your head are rigidity, moral values, a belief of right, wrong, good and evil. Attachment to results and rules.

  • When everything is beautiful and amazing
  • Prancing around in the daisies
  • Give yourself fancy titles and names etc
  • Judge others as right or wrong
  • Label yourself and others
  • Attachment to your reputation

So, logically, what does “Living in your Heart mean?” (Enlightened State)

Living in your heart means you live and express yourself with love – always. You have no moral values or judgements of right or wrong, good and evil.  You understand that each soul is a sovereign being in its own right and that everything that happens around us and to us is a product of our thoughts and knowing.

You know and value your true feelings at all times. You can “turn on a tikki” if the situation calls for it.  You can embrace change openheartedly, you hold no cherished outcomes. You have no need to “defend your point of view”

You understand that this is an experience of your soul and not reality and you can see everything from that perspective.

You have integrity, you say what you mean and mean what you say and all aspects of your being agree at the same time.

How does one get there?

This all sounds fabulous but I can hear you saying; “That’s impossible”; “No-one can live like that always” and other expletives maybe a bit stronger. I am here to tell you it is not. It takes a lot of work, believe me this is what I have been focussing on myself for the last year or so and I can tell you I have had some amazing moments when it has all come together, I have also had devastating moments when it all falls apart.

So how do you maintain and stay in that space – well the simple answer is – you don’t!  This is the beauty and tragedy of our reality. It is about contrast, if you stayed in that space – your soul would leave – what’s the point in sticking around in this reality to experience the ultimate reality we all come from? Kinda defeats the purpose of coming into this reality doesn’t it?

The excitement and fun of this reality is seeing the beauty and joy of enlightenment, maybe experiencing it a bit and then moving away again so you can re-evaluate, regroup and rebirth yourself again and again into higher and higher awareness’s.

The good news however is that you aren’t expected to and you don’t need to – you can however change the experience of your reality so that the “falling” or “failing” moments don’t last longer than they have to.

Knowing VS Believing

When you believe something there is always an aspect of doubt – basically what you are saying is that you believe this or that but if someone else contradicts you, you can say well that’s my belief and I don’t have to defend it or have proof of it. We say to our children that we believe in Santa Claus, knowing full well he is a myth, I believe it will be sunny for my party etc. etc. etc. If things don’t quite work out that way well ha ha ha I was wrong – oops. A belief is carried in your ego from past experiences etc. If you believe something you are kinda hoping its true really.

A knowing carries no doubt, you may not always have scientific proof but you can bring up instances and situations that prove your theory. A knowing is held in your heart, it is a feeling of absolute surety and clarity and has no question on the outcome.


One of the first things you can do is practice self-love, many people say to me, yea everyone says this but how?

Firstly, know what you are truly feeling at any point in your day.  Make it a habit or set an alarm called “how am I feeling right now? DO NOT pre-empt it! You know exactly what I mean ne! When the alarm goes off, stop, take a breath and see how you are feeling right now – let’s do it. …….

Now look at that feeling – is it based in past experiences? Or what others have told you is right or wrong? Do you feel stressed, irritated, why, are you happy, why? Make notes in your journal.

Now when I asked how you are feeling I expect you to be 100% honest – we are very good at pretending everything is good, of believing ourselves to be light-workers and healers and blah blah so we have to feel good….do you feel and knowing or a believing….if believing then look again until you get a knowing feeling.


Stop resisting – everything is as it is and is perfect and right the way it is. You have a choice in terms of how you experience it.


Forgive yourself for being less than “perfect”, what is perfect anyway you are who you are and that is all – end of discussion – if you don’t like who you are then change the way you see yourself and you will change the way you behave?

Why do believe yourself to be a failure?

You can’t fail at anything – you just produce unexpected results that’s all, practice some more, allow yourself to be more, have more fun doing what you are doing. Is the concept of failing at something based on external judgements or evaluations? What your parents, teachers etc believe to be right and wrong

Have fun

When you have fun, you are kidding yourself into having fun if:

  • You are escaping with alcohol or drugs
  • You are denying the sanctity of your body – no judgement here!
  • You are allowing others to mistreat you
  • Pretending to be something you are not

You are having fun when you:

  • Are energised
  • Feel connected to love with no judgement
  • You can embrace joy

Many people believe that Living in your Heart means you need to be meek and subservient – absolutely not!!

  • Pay attention to what we have said before – if it doesn’t feel good – soul good (Empowering, loving)– don’t do it! Abusers – kick ‘em out
  • What reason do they have to change?

“Heart Meditation”

  • Go into meditative state whichever way works best for you
  • Take your attention to your heart area/chakra
  • Surround yourself with green and pink light
  • Allow the light to penetrate your body
  • The light fades and you are floating in total darkness, weightless and connected to love
  • Float around for a bit – feel the joy of the Universal heart beat
  • Feel the total acceptance of the creative thought
  • When you are ready – bring yourself back into your body
  • Take a few deep breaths
  • Rub your fingers and thumbs together
  • Have a stretch and make notes in your journal

Always ask yourself:

What would love do?

How can I express unconditional love to myself and others right now?

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