Card of the Week: 15 – 21 April 2019

Major – 14: Patience: The Patience card appears when you need to take a step back and allow things to flow.  You have done what your need to do and now is the time to listen to others views and opinions.  Allow the energy and information to come to you to clarify your actions going forward. Remember your are a spiritual being having a human experience – do not allow one side to overpower the other – Meditate and take prudent action but not quite yet.  Focus on moderation and co-operation.

Physical-5: Financial and Material Changes: This is often seen as a negative card, however it also carries the message of releasing what you no longer need to make way for the new. It represents losses, changes and challenges in your physical environment.  Remember that you are a spiritual being as well as a physical one and see the lessons and experiences in the situation.  The longer you hold onto resentment and anger, the longer the process lasts so take a breath and go with it for now knowing that your spirit is in charge and knows what it is doing.

Physical-7: Patience & Planning: Good things come to those who wait – now is the time for patience and letting go of control. Pause, reflect and plan your moves going forward. Re-evaluate your goals, seek financial advice and consultation, and your relationships etc. now is the time rest and review – what has worked in the past, what hasn’t. What pitfalls can you see, how do you plan on handling them. Try to release control but have an idea of how to handle complex situations that may arise.

Summary: Okey dokey then … Quite a seemingly tough week ahead, however, all is not lost.  Our natural reaction to loss, change and financial issues is to panic and run around trying to “sort things out” This is not going to help and is in fact going to make things worse – so – take a breathe, rip out your favourite relaxation or meditation music and breathe. Use your journal to dump your stressful and other thoughts and go with the flow.  All is not lost – The Universe is removing from your space things that no longer serve you and are holding you back – you have survived worse and will do this time too – the main thing is not to panic and behave irrationally – breathe and release – it will be fine – in fact Fantastic is probably more like it – have a good week everyone and be patient – this too will pass.

Be blessed


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