Empowerment Thought for the Week: 02 April 2019

We often go through our lives trying to manage and control who were are and our physical or, material experience; to avoid pain and suffering and loss. What we forget is that it is these difficult situations that lead us to our strength and power. They show us strength we didn’t know we had and they show us who we can rely on and who we can’t.

Very often we “harden our hearts” to avoid pain and loss. We close ourselves off because we don’t want to get hurt and we resent and hold grudges against people and situations. By doing this we keep ourselves stuck and by not embracing the bad as well as the good in our lives we block off our personal power. By denying and seeing only “bad” in any situation we automatically deny and disempower ourselves from the growth and power in those situations.

This week I would encourage you to work with forgiveness, love and acceptance and unearth the jewels hidden in your deepest fears and loathings.

Be Blessed…Kxx

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