Cards for the Week: 01 – 07 April 2017

Solar Plexus Chakra: The Solar Plexus is the seat of your personal power, self worth and awareness – this week the focus is on you identifying and clearing the areas and people in your life that have stolen or to whom you have given your power away.  Whenever we deny ourselves in pursuit of acceptance by others, we surrender our truth and give our power away.  You are a divine creation – remember that and stand up for yourself and what works for you this week.

Solitude: Take time this week to meditate and focus on what you need in your life.  You have allowed the world to become too real and you have lost your truth – meditate, journal and relax.  Find your joy again

Passion Ignited: Through this process of standing up for yourself and finding what is true for you, you find you passion and excitement for life re-kindled.

All in all an exciting week to be had it appears.  Be blessed and stand in your truth.

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