You are really not that special

In our world – well in my world growing up – we were always encouraged to be the best at everything and I think in our modern world this has become even more prevalent. No this is not going to be a diatribe on the sad state of our world, well maybe a little – hee hee – but more on the way that competitive edge is carried into the spiritual environment and how it damages and destroys your state of mind.

Sometimes, as we are growing and healing our wounds, especially from a damaging relationship or event, most people will focus on how special you are and amazing you are – this is a good thing as it helps you find your soul and joy again – when you first start using your gifts and connecting to spirit; people will say how amazing you are and this may be  true and is necessary for our spiritual and psychic development – however the wheels start falling off when you start believing it!

We are so brainwashed into seeing our value from outside of ourselves that we lose connection to the essence of ourselves.  Haven’t you noticed some musicians, public figures, teachers, healers, author’s etc. will sing, write, publish or teach something that is intensely profound and meaningful but you find that after a while they seem to get boring and lose their spark – they are still saying the same things but now the spark of the divine is gone.  Why is that?

In my opinion – it is quite simple – as most things are – they have generally got side-tracked from their divine connection – the in-spi(rit)-ration that started the process. They get side-tracked by the fame and glory and the need to be right and prove their thesis, greatness whatever.  In other words, they have started to believe that they are special, that they have a divine purpose, that they, and only they, can do this.  They start dismissing conflicting ideas and thoughts because they are divinely inspired of course so who they hell do you think you are to challenge them.

Now as most of you know – I don’t care which Maharesh Divine Poepol Yogi wrote that, said that or taught that – which tradition dictates that, which holy book or writings say what, unless it makes sense to me I am gonna chuck it. And this is what I want to talk about tonight more than anything else.

You are not special: So you studied with this guru or that, so you are an hereditary witch from 200 generations – so what – who are you as a person – this is what I want to know. How have you taken what was given to you and adapted it to suit your lifestyle. How have you brought the teachings of the divine into your life.

But beyond that – how do people feel expressing their own divinity around you even if it contradicts yours? How open are you to listen to opposing views not from a point of trying to defend your own but from a point of understanding where that person is coming from and what their understandings are.

What often happens in spiritual teaching environments and I have had this happen to me more than once is you are sitting with this or that teacher etc. and they make a pronouncement – let’s say it’s a psychic course.  The energy in the room is an angel – this is the energy you should feel etc etc.  You on the other hand have a dark or negative soul aspect and you see the demonic face of the being and feel something completely different. Everyone is going on about the light streaming from it and the beautiful face blah blah and you are looking at a being with blue flames for eyes, horns from their head – in most traditional teaching situations – if you are able to share because you are experiencing something so different – would normally be something like an exorcism etc because of the judgement the teacher has towards dark entities.

This can also lead you to doubting your connection, doubting yourself and doubting your abilities and maybe even side-track you from your path totally because your teacher believed they were more special more connected or more enlightened than you are.

You are not special at all – in fact we are all special so therefore you are not – that means though that you are connected in your own way, through your own channels through experiences and processes that no-one else understands – you are unique – yes – you are talented – yes – you are you – yes – that however doesn’t put you at a higher or lower level than I am – it just makes you you and me me.

So what does this mean – you are not special but you are uniquely you and you have a message to get out there – just don’t take on others judgements – listen and take what works for you – don’t allow others low opinion or judgement of you bring you down and, even more importantly, their high opinion of you keep you stuck in your ego.

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