Karma is baloney, claptrap, bunk, twaddle and quite simply idiocy!

Karma is baloney, claptrap, bunk, twaddle and quite simply idiocy!

The concept of Karma which is prevalent in our modern spiritual practice is one of “reward and punishment” – you get what you deserve based on your previous actions be it in this or other states of being.  There is a “universal record” of your soul’s journey and all the actions you have taken in your existence will impact on the situations and processes in this experience. When you incarnate in this experience, the “Lords of Karma” balance the books so to speak and your choices of experience will be tempered or “balanced” by them so you can re-balance the cosmic scale.

Like many spiritual practices today this concept is rooted in Mundane Ego (which is very different to Aware Ego – the Mundane Ego is based in separation, fear and control – The Aware Ego is based on a secure sense of self, and your impact as an individual on the world around you). 

What has happened is that, as with most divinely inspired concepts and principles, the concept has been corrupted into a system of control.  A way to manipulate and dominate other beings and force them into accepting things that as logical beings they would never contemplate. Let’s look at a few examples; “You are in an abusive relationship because in previous incarnations you abused others”; “You are living a life of poverty because you have had a life of wealth before and you abused it”; “We are soul mates working out a cosmic dance of balance, you killed me in a previous life now I am allowed to mistreat you”; “You are living an abundant life full of money, joy and love because you are a young soul and aren’t capable of dealing with pain yet” and the list goes on.

As you can see from the above, this concept totally disempowers us and makes us victims of the whims of fate or the Lords of Karma, and forces us into victim mode where we forget that we are creators, we forget that we have choices, we forget that we have value purely because we are here and alive.

What I find most fascinating with the modern concept of Karma, as with the concept of sin and damnation, is that you can only get validation of your success or failure in two ways; Firstly from priests, guru’s, teachers and guides external to yourself, who will judge and assess your behaviour based on a list of rules you are unable to fully decipher and only they, with their advanced connection to God, Source, the Universe or whatever can; and secondly, when you die. Now really think about that…

The execution of a serial killer is good thing right? And yet that serial killer has family who love them, to their children their death is a tragedy. Now, are the judge, jury and executioner doing a “karmic good thing” by removing the threat from society or are they parties to murder and thus will bear the “karma” of killing someone?

You arrive home and you walk into a robbery in progress, the thieves have a gun to your child’s head and as you walk in – they kill your child.  You loose it and end up killing all three thieves – are you going to bear the karmic impact of taking three lives?

Is the punishment for stealing a pen from work, the same as the punishment of defrauding the government of billions of Rands?

The proponents of karma will argue that the “good” deed of saving lives outweighs the “bad” deed of killing someone and so the “karmic impact” will not be that intense, but there will be one; or that you were justified in taking the action and so will not bear the brunt of Karma. The “sin” is punishable not the amount so even accidently taking a pen home and defrauding the government would have the same punishment.

The above, quite simply, is justification.  In working with the Shadow we learn that justification is a way the Shadow shows itself. To work with the Shadow’s justification you need to understand what it is.  Justification is any action that is used to mitigate or make more acceptable an action or thought so that it fits into your perceived version of yourself.

Often when we look at our lives from the Karmic perspective, we end up searching for reasons why “god” is punishing us. What did we do in a previous life that has resulted in this? Why can’t I have this, what “parent” is saying no? etc.


For me a Cosmic Truth, as Karma is purported to be, is true in all instances, all societies, all situations and all processes; for all people and all cultures and all beings without justification or explanation.  It is self-evident. Therefore; if Karma was real, Donald Trump would not be president of the US would he? Jacob Zuma would be in jail and destitute, not so? Ancient priests, instead of being hailed as connected to the divine, would be seen as murderers – right?

Ahh but the proponents of karma have an explanation for that too – without these people doing what they are doing, there wouldn’t be the heroism, people standing up for themselves etc..  As a species we weren’t as aware then as we are now. Again these are Cosmic Truths that have been corrupted to justify the belief in Karma.

To understand where I am going let’s look first at why are we here, what is the purpose of creation? In my view we are here to experience something that we could not experience in the world of the absolute mind – the world of God.  In ultimate reality there is no separation, we are aspects of the mind or thought of God, we are experiencing this world of contrast because without it we would not exist.

“If all there is, is all there was, then all there is was not”
Conversations With God Book 1: Neale Donald Walsch

Let’s also deal with the concept that God, Universe, Creator cares one way or the other what we do.  In my view this makes no sense. The thought, energy, creator of all – assuming there is one of course which is a whole different story – that created all the beauty, love and joy that is inherent in the world, created the process that makes a seed into a tree, that created the process that creates a new life, created the entire universe also created the possibility of pain, the emotions of trauma, the possibility of death, hasn’t stopped one war or famine, hasn’t stopped one rape, murder or trauma. Does this sound like a creator who cares?

Conventional thinkers will tell you that it is because we are given free will to choose our experience, this is a cosmic truth but again it has been corrupted by the Mundane Ego’s dictates of right and wrong. What kind of free choice or free will is dictated by punishment if you choose the “wrong’ action? That isn’t free will at all is it?

We live in a world of contrast and opposition.  This is a good thing, it gives us a choice as to what we experience, how we experience it and what actions we take. 

The Law of Cause and Effect, states that what you send out will come back to you.  The Law of Karma has corrupted this into an action-based process when it is in fact energetically-based. The emotional energy emitted by our thoughts and actions is reflected back to us.

So how then does this contradict the concept of Karma then.  It is a very subtle difference, and it is this difference that has been exploited by the Mundane Ego to create the concept of Karma. The energy/experience you will have is a reflection of your beliefs, ideas and concepts of the world and your emotional reaction to them. 

Let’s look at Jacob Zuma for example; The world and most of the country went crazy when we were told about the amount of money spent on Nkandla, from his perspective however, he has done nothing wrong.  In his idea of the world he was the chief of the South Africa tribe, and as such, traditionally speaking, he owned everything in South Africa and could do with it what he wanted. 

Can you see how things get skewed when you have two levels of awareness clashing.  So, looking at the laws of cause and effect, is he going to draw punishment to himself – no he is not. Is the energy being generated from others going to impact him – probably not. He is taking all that energy both “good” and “bad” and using it for his own needs. If he starts believing that what he has done is “bad”; he starts taking on board the newspaper reports etc and internalising them, then yes the energy will impact him, if he doesn’t it won’t.

He has been removed from office and faces some difficulties – we look at this and say – see Karma got him – but did it?  Has this changed his lifestyle, and way of life – not really no.  He is still surrounded by wealth and privilege, he is still embraced by how ever many wives. Has much in his surroundings and day to day processes changed – not really no.

So let’s look at how the law of cause and effect really works. In the early years of our lives (pre-birth to around 6/7 years old – the absorbent phase as it is called by educationalists) – we are nothing more than sponges – we have no concept of this reality we have been thrust into, we don’t know how it works and we have no idea what to do.  So we look around us to others who we assume “know better” – our parents, teachers, priests and siblings etc. and we “suck up” all this information.

At the age of around 6/7 our conscious mind starts developing, our Mundane Ego pops up, and we start seeing ourselves as separate from others.  Up until now we still had the awareness of the unified and serene “Mind of God” from which we originated. The concept of oneness is very much part of our awareness through-out our lives and this is why we are social animals and have a deep need for “belonging” to something.

During the Absorbent Phase we learn about “right” and “wrong”, “good” and “bad” etc.  This however depends on the “good” and “bad” experiences of the people we are looking to for answers. This is where sexism, racism, and other ism’s are born. To a member of the Klu Klux Klan; killing a black man because he had sexual interaction with a white woman, no matter how consensual, is a justifiable action. To the man himself or his family it is not.

To see the way the Law of Cause and Effect truly works you need to take a step back – and really look at the energy you are sending out.

Let’s look at an example. I want to attract money and abundance into my life.  I have read all the Law of Attraction books and studied the teachers and now it is my time to manifest. So I write my affirmations, say them all the time, stick them up all over the place and I feel great….but the money doesn’t come so I think ok – Maybe I am working from fear of not having – ah that’s it! So I suppress my fear, I cover it with more affirmations, I berate myself when I “fail”, and still it doesn’t come. Why not!! I scream to the heavens and then scrap the whole concept as crap!

Let’s look at this energetically – what energy are you sending out – look around you. So the mundane level is intact, kinda, you have your affirmations, you have your positive thinking cap on. Your parents, however, taught you that money is the root of all evil, and you have verbally rejected this idea, but it is still there from your absorbent phase DNA, so it is also forming part of this energy burst. What you resist persists and so the more you focus on what’s not working, the less it will work.

This “negative” energy is also part of the energy you are sending out. And so that is what you will see.  Then you encounter a teacher who tells you to stop thinking about money totally and focus only on what you want your life to look like and gratitude for what has happened today – hmmm that works a bit better because you are bypassing the “DNA” programming and the manifestation energy is “cleaner”.

From the above it should be becoming clearer in terms of how this law works.  Every aspect of your being, we can call them body, mind and soul; ego, super ego, and Id, whatever we want to, has to be vibrating and releasing the same frequency of energy, if they are not, the “contra-frequency” will weaken the energy being focussed on. How you interpret the situations around you and how you internalise your experience. In other words are all aspects of your being in integrity?

The Law of Cause and Effect doesn’t have a universal list of right wrong good and bad, it only resonates with your perspective of right wrong good and bad.  So if you have been brought up with the 10 Commandments, not the 10 Commitments, then you will grieve for the death of an ant, you will be prone to veganism and vegetarianism etc. 

News Flash – and you need to really think about this… every day something dies so you can live.  We convert the life force from other beings to generate our own.  We destroy the lives and future generations of the air, animals and plants to feed ourselves. Even Breatharians who live literally on fresh air, kill the organisms and molecules of the air they breathe to sustain themselves. In some ways breatharians, vegans and vegetarians are even more judgemental than meat-eaters because they are making a judgement that the life of a plant or the life of the air is of less value than the life of an animal.

You want life to be fair – it isn’t and never will be.  You want to be a spiritual being – then what are you doing having the human experience?  Life is tough, life is hard and life is brutal but it is also loving, joyful and peaceful.  What you experience is not the result of Karma or judgement or anything else it is purely your choice of what and how you are experiencing your experience.

When “bad” or “negative” experiences enter your awareness, take a step back and ask yourself; “How can I be the most loving to myself and others in this situation?”, “What belief, concept or thought is being reflected here?”. It is all about you, your experience, your awareness and your expression.

We are all – humans, rocks, plants, the earth itself, god, the universe, our guides and guardians – growing and evolving.  We all have our cherished ideas and outcomes, we all have our perceptions and concepts.  None “right” or “wrong” – they all have validity, so stop judging and start living. Stop placing your power in the hands of karma, fate, destiny, priests, gurus, teachers, husbands, wives, lovers, children or anyone else – your life is yours to live – live it!

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