Thought for the week: 2019-11-25

The 7 of Swords has two aspects to it – firstly it is about things not going as anticipated, a sense of unfairness and injustice – maybe even theft and the second leads on from that.  Diplomacy is a better course of action than attack at this point.  Ganesha is the god associated with boundaries and blockages.  He both removes them and places them – as with everything there is two sides to his action.  So what is the story here this morning? Basically do not panic and go into fear mode when things don’t work out exactly as planned or exactly as you wanted them too.  Very often blockages and derailments happen to draw our attention to things that need focus. Or to stop us from making idiots of ourselves because we need more practice or experience to properly embody the role we anticipate.  Our natural reaction is to act violently – either internally or externally when these frustrations crop up.  Very often this is based in a narcissistic concept that the world has to run the way you want it to, people have to act the way you perceive right and wrong to be, etc.  This is a concept based in judgement and ego and is on the opposite side of the scale to love and healing.  What we need to accept and fully embrace is that each person, or being, is a divine creation in its own right with its own path and its own values. No-one – not a priest, teacher, guru or even you has the right to judge another’s behaviour as right, wrong, good or evil.  No-one has the right to punish another for perceived “wrongdoings” – every blockage, painful situation, joyful situation etc is in our experience as part of the experience and as such needs to be accepted, embraced and loved before the situation can be released and another experience chosen. The experiences need to be embraced outside of judgement and loved along with all involved or the situation will repeat again and again until it is.  For this week, when things get frustrating or you feel you are getting angry and frustrated with the way others are behaving or the delays in situations ask yourself – What would love do here? What is the most loving I can be here?  And a closing thought – If you have a choice between being right or being kind – always be kind.  Have a blessed week guys – lots of love.  Kxx

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