OPINION: New Year’s Eve 2020

This article may seem all doom and gloom to start with but stick with it.  We all know that you can’t change anything unless you can see clearly and honestly.

So, in short and on the surface, 2020 has been a F*#K UP! We have discovered just exactly how corrupt and power hungry our governments are; millions have lost their jobs due to irrational panic-based lockdowns, never mind the rapid increase in domestic violence and crime. Suicides have increased and attacks on farms and others have increased. Racism has blown out of proportion with the explosion of the BLM movement and the list goes on. 

So, what now, the world is in chaos, our governments have no clue, our medical fraternity is hysterical, and we are not allowed to connect on a human level with anyone.  We are muzzled with masks on the threat of fines and incarceration and hotlines have been set-up so you can report your neighbours; effectively making it impossible to trust anyone around you; which adds to the feeling of isolation and loneliness, particularly if you live alone as I do.

For a while now I have been vacillating between extreme anger, depression, suicidal thoughts, hope and trust and then crashing down again and I have gained some, I believe, valuable experience and awareness that I would like to share with you on the eve of another year that, quite honestly – on the surface – doesn’t look like it is going to get much better anytime soon.

FACT: The world is going to do what the world is going to do and no amount of screaming, protesting, signing petitions, and other activist activities is going to change that.  In fact, by doing this, we are focussing on the exact situation we do not want to continue and so adding more impetus and energy to it. We all know that for someone to behave in a certain way they have to believe in the truth of their actions, no matter how much we may disagree with them, and when you confront them, they will dig their heels in and fight back. This guarantees that they will not hear you – they can’t hear you above the screaming of their own ego. And reciprocally you can’t hear them above the screaming of your ego either. The truth is you are both right based on your own perspectives, knowledge, awareness, and experience. As we can clearly see in the recent history of South Africa; these activities lead directly to the same energy just with different faces, different places.  When you try to deal with race or gender equality by enforcing laws that focus on another race or gender, all you are doing is changing the focus, the discrimination is the same – in fact, it is often more violent and more “unfair”.

FACT: Giving to others by sacrificing yourself always leads to loss. Yes, I am telling you to be selfish. When you give to people that do not want to pull themselves up but, not necessarily consciously, don’t care if they drain you dry as long as they are ok, the result is always a dried up you and a fine them moving onto the next victim. There are many people around us in worse situations than we are, and it is tempting to help as much as we can.  There are two seeming contradictory thoughts here though. One, hold onto what you have, the other, abundance needs to flow to continue flowing. The trick here is to follow your intuition, when you feel you can and should help, then do so, BUT – DO NOT go into fear mode about you going without. Focus on your feelings when you help – are you doing it because you feel guilty for having what you do and others not – then rather don’t give. Are you feeling that they are taking advantage – then don’t give – do you feel that this situation is one you can help with – then give with an open heart knowing it will flow back to you.

FACT: Judging others as “right” and “wrong”; “good” or “evil” distracts you from facing your own demons.  Look to what you are judging and see where you are either too slapgat or too pedantic. Whether you are behaving in a way that doesn’t make you feel good and blaming others for it.

FACT: Life isn’t fair. If it were, we would all starve. Something dies everyday so you can live – be it an animal, a plant or even the air molecules around you.  We draw energy from the lives of other energies. It is a fact of life. Get over it, get used to it and realise that nothing in life is fair.

FACT: It’s all about you! This may seem contradictory to some of the points above, but it isn’t really.  The Government, your employer and the public in general do not care about you as a person.  In fact, no-one else does. Everyone is trying to do the best they can for themselves and their loved ones. If they weren’t, they would be sacrificing themselves on the altar of your desires, wouldn’t they? There is no-one that is looking to discover you and make you famous or to look after you. It is all on you! There is no God or Goddess, Devil or Demon, Guide or Guardian that is looking out for you – this is difficult to hear because in most cultures we are taught about a caring God etc – but let’s face it – if this were true, we wouldn’t be experiencing all of this would we? We can mind-f#*k ourselves by saying it’s for our highest good blah blah, but is it really? Only you have the power to improve your life by your decisions, thoughts, and feelings. Period!

FACT: Setting goals that are too specific doesn’t work. Don’t make your goals things like earning R1mil in a month, make them more like increasing your income to cover or exceed your expenses.  In times of crisis, try not to make the long term goals too crazy either.  Firstly your ego and fears will subconsciously block them, but also if you get less than exactly what you asked for it can be demoralising.

FACT: You always have a choice! Not necessarily about what is happening around you, but on how you experience it.  To many this may sound like wishful thinking and positive thinking bs – give me a sec and let me explain my view before you dismiss it.

Let me tell you a little story to elaborate, as my ego screams in terror!! As many of you know I have for a long time refused to wear masks and for many good reasons, I have even created signs designating my home as a Mask Free Zone; I have previously left my shopping in the aisle and stormed out of the shop swearing at the top of my voice that I will NEVER enter the store again if they insist, I wear a mask; however, two things happened recently that made me rethink – over the Christmas period I was with my mother and we went to the shops, also before I left, I went to the doctor’s rooms to collect my medication, both situations it made sense to me to wear a mask. And with the recent announcement of the possibility of being fined or arrested, or have other people fined or arrested for not wearing a mask, however, I have had to rethink this.  I realised something … it doesn’t mean I agree with wearing of masks etc, however it did make my shopping experience with my mom and my visit to the doctor’s rooms much more pleasant – my home is still a mask free zone but when I am out I wear a mask – why – because if I don’t I am constantly on edge and aggressive, waiting for the next Mother Grundy to say something so I can lash out at them. Both views and perceptions are valid, however the one making it my choice is more empowering to me.

Another story from my recent experience. When all this started, I had a panic attack – my main client is a Tourism Marketing Company. With tourism being one of the hardest hit industries, his income dropped and so did mine – quite substantially. I did have a moment or two of clear thought though, thankfully, and I used my knowledge and experience of the Law of Attraction and made more money in December than I have in any other month in 2020!

So, going forward into 2021 – a 5 year (2+0+2+1) – it is about personal power, finding it, using it and standing in it.

You create your reality and your experience by your thoughts and feelings. Your thoughts and feelings create a vibration within and around you and allow others to raise their vibration too – not by you forcing them – we all know that’s not going to work – but by keeping your vibration as high as you can and letting it naturally impact others. Much like a cup, when you put it under a tap and let the tap run, it will naturally overflow around you and nourish the ground etc. in the area. All it takes is one match to dispel darkness, one act of unconditional love to expel fear.

We also need to understand that as much as our experience is about us, so is everyone else’s and if they are in fear and panic; attacking them is not going to help at all.

Maintain your vibration by meditating, giving your attention to love-based action, loving yourself and loving others – even if it means saying no to them – doing creative stuff, finding other ways to earn an income, not waiting for someone to discover you, empower you or to make you feel better.  Feel better and everything around gets better.

Celebrate the little things and let the long-term stuff take care of itself.  Practice gratitude and patience every day.  Forgive those who upset you – truly forgive them from your heart.  Understand that them upsetting you identifies things within you that need love and acceptance, not things within them that need correcting.

Wishing you the best you can be for 2021 – in love and truth


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